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How to Stick to a Healthy Diet (and still keep your friends)

You’ve probably discovered by now that there are many obstacles to learning how to stick to a healthy diet, from lack of accurate information to lack of support to your own innate hunger drive. Why, even your own personality can play a role in determining whether you are able to consistently stick to a high-nutrient […]

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Break the Habit of Compulsive Eating

Compulsive eating can be likened to a habit, and a recent shopping expedition with a friend highlighted some major differences in our eating habits—not just relative to what we eat but in how we go about consuming. Mind you, this friend aspires to follow a high-nutrient diet style but continues a decades-long struggle with—you guessed […]

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Use the Five Gratitudes to Overcome Comfort Eating

Hello, Reader. If you are a frequent follower of my commentaries, you know that my work with would-be nutritarians is focused less on delineations of the various aspects of high-nutrient eating and more on habit change. Because diet modification is one of life’s greatest challenges—so difficult, in fact, that most of you, sadly, won’t succeed—I […]

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