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How To Resist Unhealthy Food

“What happens,” my neighbor asked, “when the people you live with don’t eat this way?” (Phil desperately wants to learn how to resist unhealthy food.) Uh ho. That sucks. I thought to myself as I regarded the offerings at this traditional Memorial Day potluck. Here’s a nice man who has multiple heart issues, who wants […]

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How to Stick to a Healthy Diet (and still keep your friends)

You’ve probably discovered by now that there are many obstacles to learning how to stick to a healthy diet, from lack of accurate information to lack of support to your own innate hunger drive. Why, even your own personality can play a role in determining whether you are able to consistently stick to a high-nutrient […]

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Break the Habit of Compulsive Eating

Compulsive eating can be likened to a habit, and a recent shopping expedition with a friend highlighted some major differences in our eating habits—not just relative to what we eat but in how we go about consuming. Mind you, this friend aspires to follow a high-nutrient diet style but continues a decades-long struggle with—you guessed […]

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