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Mindfulness and Overeating

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Mindfulness and overeating are inversely proportional–i.e., the more mindful you are while eating, the less you overeat (and, unfortunately, vice versa). Have you ever noticed that much (or all) of your unhealthy eating is done somewhat unawares? I mean, how often do you actually savor—relaxed and without distraction, bite for bite—that sumptuous box of Americana […]

What IS a Healthy Diet? (hint: it might not be what you think)

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It’s no secret that the standard American diet (SAD) is hazardous to your health. Most of the foods comprising the SAD foundation—like animal products and refined carbohydrates—are strongly linked to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and autoimmune illness. So what is a healthy diet? Similarly, the foods correlated to a reduction in all the leading […]

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Why Portion Control Doesn’t Work (i.e., eat more to lose weight)

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Are You Eating Enough? A commonly held belief among weight loss enthusiasts is thus: in order to lose weight, you must employ portion control. Certainly, if you intend to continue consuming the calorie-rich, nutrient-poor provender of meat and potatoes, pasta and olive oil, cheese and crackers—then you will have to eat less. However, WFPB (whole-food […]

Lose Weight and Keep It Off By Learning to Stick to a Healthy Diet

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Don’t Make the Same Mistake All Other Americans Make You are well aware that a huge percentage of Americans have attempted to diminish their girth by diet, exercise, surgery. Unfortunately, even as medical research uncovers more and more of the deleterious effects of overweight and obesity, we Yankees continue to grow heavier. Why is that? […]