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Break the Habit of Compulsive Eating

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Compulsive eating can be likened to a habit, and a recent shopping expedition with a friend highlighted some major differences in our eating habits—not just relative to what we eat but in how we go about consuming. Mind you, this friend aspires to follow a high-nutrient diet style but continues a decades-long struggle with—you guessed […]

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Why Portion Control Doesn’t Work (i.e., eat more to lose weight)

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Are You Eating Enough? A commonly held belief among weight loss enthusiasts is thus: in order to lose weight, you must employ portion control. Certainly, if you intend to continue consuming the calorie-rich, nutrient-poor provender of meat and potatoes, pasta and olive oil, cheese and crackers—then you will have to eat less. However, WFPB (whole-food […]

Denial and How It Influences Your Food Choices (The antidote? Keep a food log.)

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One of my neighbors is considerably overweight. Like many obese people I’ve spoken to about nutrition and weight loss, he can talk the talk about how to drop pounds (i.e., “I just need to [yada yada yada]”). It’s always curious to me that folks like him who are interested in decreasing their girth don’t ask […]